Family Friendly Things to Do in Cincinnati & NKY {April 2015}

Family Friendly Things to Do in Cincinnati & NKY April 2015

Last month we started something new, and we hope you found it helpful!  Family Friendly Cincinnati is known for our weekend round-up posts where we share all kinds of family fun going on around town on the weekends.  We decided to change things up a little bit and now we are writing MONTHLY posts instead!… [read more]

Family Friendly Things to Do in Cincinnati & NKY {May 2-4}

WUTW Comics

May has arrived, and that means warmer weather, the Kentucky Derby, the opening of Farmers Markets, and more and more outdoor events for you to choose from.  This weekend’s list of things to do is a big one!  We’ve put together a huge list of events that should provide inspiration for every family when planning… [read more]

Family Friendly Things to Do in Cincinnati & NKY {February 7-9}

WUTW Valentine

It’s the weekend!  Let’s get out and have some fun!  We too many snow days this week, so we have some very fidgety kids, ready for something fun to do!  We’ve put together a list of activities and events going on around town this weekend to make it easy for you to plan your days.… [read more]

Family Friendly Things to Do This Weekend in Cincinnati / NKY {July 19-21}


What a month it’s been so far!  First we’re all trapped in the house making plans for building an Ark and the next thing you know you’re sitting on a block of ice wondering how it’s possible that your hair is sweating!  There doesn’t seem to be an end in sight when it comes to… [read more]

Greater Cincinnati Family Fun This Weekend {March 15-17}


Happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend!  Since we’re all Irish this weekend I know your first stop will be our compilation of fun St. Patrick’s Day activities that Katie S. put together, so look here to find information on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown, Celtic Lands Culture Fest at Cincinnati Museum Center, St. Patrick’s Day… [read more]