Guest Post: Montessori Principles at Home

Montessori at Home Slideshow

The Montessori community in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky is growing, with great school on either side of the river, both private and public.  That being said, sending your child to a Montessori school is not the only way to help them to grow and learn using Montessori methods.  You can also utilize Montessori principles at… [read more]

Guest Post – School Lunches Get a Makeover

Salad Bar

Boring school lunches are a thing of the past. Schools across the area are serving lunches that kids will eat that follow national guidelines. Jessica Shelly, MBA, REHS, RS, Food Services Director for Cincinnati Public Schools, tells us more about what CPS students are eating. ______________________________ When was the last time you stepped into your… [read more]

Guest Post: cool dads + Bluegrass for Babies

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Please join us in welcoming Adam to Family Friendly Cincinnati today. Adam is the founder of the site, cool dads, which focuses on supporting and encouraging Dads. ———————————– Do you love Cincinnati, kids, dads, and FREE stuff? We do too! We are cool dads, a local Cincinnati start-up on a mission: to support and encourage Dads.… [read more]

Making Chores Fun with ChoreMonster


Today we are excited to welcome Joe long, Community manager for ChoreMonster, to Family Friendly Cincinnati. ChoreMonster is an AWESOME application, created right here in Cincinnati, that is sweeping homes across the country, helping parents get kids excited about chores, and helping kids have fun completing them. ——————————————————————— We all know how terrible it can… [read more]

Guest Post: Paige’s Princess Run

Princess Paige

My name is Heather Alessandro, and I am writing to talk about Paige’s Princess Foundation which is a memorial foundation in honor of my daughter Paige who passed away in 2010. Losing a child is obviously something you never “get over”.  I have just gotten used to the shock of it and adjusted my thoughts… [read more]

Helping Kids Be Good Friends to Their Furry Pals

Lisa and Sam (1)

Today we are excited to welcome a guest post from pet trainer and educator, Lisa Desatnik. Lisa uses positive reinforcement and behavior change strategies that blend behavior science with kindness, integrity, creativity and fun. Learn more about her and follow her behavior blog at ——————————— According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,… [read more]

Guest Post: Reluctant Reader in the house?

class clown book

This week we are excited to welcome a guest post from one of our FAVORITE Kenton County Library Children’s Librarians, Mrs. Kimberly Thompson or Mrs. Kim as my kids call her.  ————————- I love to read. I read in the morning. I read at lunchtime. I read during my breaks.  I enjoy hardback books.  I… [read more]

4 Unique Family Adventures to try in Cincinnati


Today we have an awesome guest post for you from Adventure Mom, Nedra McDaniel.  She’s going to share some unique & fun adventures you can have in this area, and just in time for Spring Break!  Nedra is such a cool mom, and I’m sure you’ll be tops in your kids books too if you… [read more]

Can Moms Be Fashionable? Why, Yes!

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  My friends know how much I love Reality Tuesday Cafe.  Actually, all of our Northern Kentucky Family Friendly Cincinnati writers frequent this wonderful coffee shop.  As I was sitting there one day with my three kids, I watched a couple who were obviously on a date.  They were neat, clean and gazing into each… [read more]