Can Moms Be Fashionable? Why, Yes!

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My friends know how much I love Reality Tuesday Cafe.  Actually, all of our Northern Kentucky Family Friendly Cincinnati writers frequent this wonderful coffee shop.  As I was sitting there one day with my three kids, I watched a couple who were obviously on a date.  They were neat, clean and gazing into each other’s eyes.  I was trying to keep my children from eating off the floor and as I glanced to my left to see what was on the television, I spotted what appeared to be pureed peas on my shoulder.  Fabulous.  Since that moment, I decided I could step it up a notch in the dress department.  It’s not that hard to throw on a scarf and a clean shirt…maybe a pair of classy, comfortable shoes, and jeans that are slimming in which I can still chase children.  I noticed one of the baristas at Reality Tuesday always looks put together and even contributes regularly to a fashion blog.   Her name is Hannah, and she is guest posting for us today to share fashion advice for moms. 

Thank you Hannah!

Hello all!  This is my first guest post at Family Friendly Cincinnati and I am very happy to offer you my point of view. I am here to talk about a little thing called “Mom Fashion”. Now, I am not personally a mom — but of course I have one! I am the oldest of six so I’ve been able to witness my mother’s style develop through almost 23 years, five pregnancies, and four bouts with teenage puberty. Fashion and looking put together has always been something my mom has believed in but there were times when it was very difficult for her to take the time to express herself through her clothing with several little ones running around and clamoring for her attention at all hours of the day. As I got older I became very interested in style and the world of fashion. Presenting myself to the world through my clothing became a significant part of my life. Around the time when this stage began my mom started asking me questions about her own style and what I thought she should wear. We disagreed sometimes, but we came together on general fashion principles. We have been on countless shopping trips together (…to my dad’s chagrin) and both of our styles evolved together through the years. I’ve found my style niche and she’s established her sartorial voice while still maintaining the comfort and flexibility a mom of six requires.

Following is a little list of three articles of clothing we are both seen wearing all the time. We are both huge believers in “the cardigan”. The cardigan is a magical piece of apparel that brings a simple guise of jeans and a t-shirt to the level of a notably stylistic ensemble. Its other perks include adaptability, ease, and warmth – all huge points on the mom scale. The second is skinny jeans – we’re not talking about the skin-tight and painted on denim you can see on teens and pre-teens, but the slender and slim-fitting jeans that are still a huge part of the fashion scene. They are slimming and very flattering in the right cut and shade that can be worn with both boots and flats (hint: darker denim is usually the best way to go with this fit). The final one is flats. Flats are extremely functional and cute at the same time. They’re easy to run around in and there are tons of flats out there that are just as comfortable as tennis shoes. Here’s a picture of my mom in her element and also, coincidentally, wearing everything in our top three list!

hannah dashion pic

Hannah’s mom spending time with her youngest

She purchased the gray cardigan, skinny jeans, and snakeskin ballet flats at Stein Mart, and the red patterned blouse at J. Jill. Even though my mother has one of the longest consecutive to-do lists I’ve ever seen, she still makes time in the mornings (most of the time) to fix her hair, throw on a cute outfit, and run out the door. I think she deserves a round of applause.

A page from any “fashion bible” will tell you that an attractive outfit will give you a huge confidence boost, help you feel more awake, and happier in general. Style is a great outlet that every woman should take advantage of and a channel through which she can have fun.

If you have a hard time finding things that go together or don’t feel enlightened here are some Fashion Blogs for Moms you can use as inspiration and also find different ways to execute your style while running errands, juggling schedules, and rounding up little ones.

Love Taza: Rockstar Diaries– Naomi is a mother of two who lives in NYC. She documents her life and innovative city-style through beautiful pictures.

Bleubird Blog – James is a mother of four located in Chattanooga. She has an easy bohemian elegance that is just gorgeous.

Oh Sweet Joy – Kim is 29 weeks pregnant and shares DIY projects, recipes, and some of the cutest pregnancy outfits I’ve ever seen.

Ain’t No Mom Jeans – This blog “is the fashion and lifestyle blog for moms who know motherhood is the coolest job out there and who like to look and feel their best doing it.”


 hannah bioAbout Hannah:  

Hannah is a recent college graduate who enjoys fashion, French press coffee, and time spent with family and friends.

She writes regularly on the blog Style and Substance.


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