Shop Bellevue for First Fridays

Enjoying a grilled cheese at Avenue Brew on First Friday

Enjoying a grilled cheese at Avenue Brew on First Friday

A little monkey business in front of the Purple Monkey

A little monkey business in front of the Purple Monkey

I work out with a trainer at My Gym studio on Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue Kentucky.  After an hour work out, my friend and I sometimes walk a few blocks down the street for coffee and tea and maybe an egg white sandwich at Avenue Brew…we start out super healthy after a work out session but sometimes it ends in donuts.  Anyway…as we stroll down Fairfield Avenue at 8:00am we see so many cool stores!  The Purple Monkey, Cozy Cottage, Past and Presents, Ball Embroidery just to name a few.  Unfortunately, at that hour, they are all closed!  So, we go window shopping.Every week I drive by all of these stores on they way to the gym and every week I tell myself I’m going to come back and shop during the day.  Finally, I did just that.  I went back on a Friday before lunch and bought one of those super cute moustache ornaments from the Purple Monkey.

Cozy Cottage

Sweet pot holders from the Cozy Cottage

After hanging out at Avenue Brew and perusing the shops on Fairfield, I saw posters for “Shop Bellevue” and “First Friday.”  First Friday is hosted by Bellevue Renaissance, a group that strives to revitalize downtown and neighborhood business districts, and is the first Friday of each month from 6:00pm-9:00pm in the 200-700 blocks of Fairfield Avenue in Bellevue Kentucky 41073. This is approximately 1/2 mile east of the Party Source.

The River Cats at Avenue Brew in January

The River Cats at Avenue Brew in January

Come to Fairfield Avenue for First Friday, park your car and walk the strip to shop the many quaint shops with hand made gifts, grab a sandwich and listen to live music at Avenue Brew.  This Friday the River Cats Trio is playing!  If you’d rather have pizza, try Pasquales.  Or maybe you’d like to check out the Siam Orchid for Thai cuisine?  Check this list for other dining options on Fairfield Avenue.  The theme this Friday is “Fall in Love”–as in new customers will fall in love with this charming downtown area in Bellevue Kentucky. I took my three kids to Avenue Brew for First Friday in January and they had a blast.  We enjoyed grilled cheese sandwiches with chips and ice cream.  The kids played with their friends in the window seats at this quaint coffee shop that also serves beer!  We spent so much time at Avenue Brew listening to the live music that we did not get to shop.  We plan on going again this Friday and hitting some shops as well. While the event is kid friendly, be careful because some of the shops have breakable items within reach of little fingers.

If you would like to see what all of the excitement is about, and snag a cool gift or two, check for directions on the Shop Bellevue website and meet us there this Friday!   Note:  Most parking is on the street so you may have to cruise the block for a spot, but you’ll  always be steps away from a cool shop!

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