Annie Jr. at the Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati

Annie Jr. Slideshow

Every single show I have seen that has been presented by the Children’s Theatre has been awesome, and I have a feeling Annie Jr. will be no exception!  This show is bound to be fun for the whole family, I’ve already started humming some of the songs in my head as I work on this post.

Just in case you aren’t familiar with the show, here’s a little bit about Annie Jr. ::

 Leapin’ Lizards! The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati opens its 89th MainStage season with a production of “Annie JR.” at the Taft Theatre October 18-20 & 26, 2013.  The popular comic strip heroine takes center stage in one of the world’s best-loved musicals.  With equal measures of pluck and positivity, little orphan Annie charms everyone’s hearts, despite a next-to-nothing start in 1930s New York City. She is determined to find her parents, who abandoned her years ago on the doorstep of a New York City Orphanage run by the cruel, embittered Miss Hannigan.

I think this show is going to have the audience leaving the show wanting to sing and dance!  I cannot wait to take my family!

Performances of Annie Jr. will be:  7:30 p.m. Friday October 18, 2 p.m. Saturday October 20 and Sunday October 26, 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. Saturday October 19 at the Taft Theatre (317 East 5th Street Cincinnati). The ticket prices are $7-$25.   You can get your tickets by calling 1-800-745-3000 or ordering online: Visit for ticket information.


Disclaimer: I received tickets to give away as well as tickets to take my family to see Annie Jr.   All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. Carolyn C says

    Because Annie’s message would remind my daughter to appreciate the gift that is a loving family!

  2. Danielle Halbleib says

    I would love to be able to take my kids to see Annie. They have never been to a play before and I think they would love it (especially all the singing). Since I stay home with them we don’t have a big entertainment budget so winning these tickets would be such a blessing to our family! Thank you for the opportunity!

  3. Julia says

    Been a fan of FCC on FB for a long time. Just liked Children’s Theatre. Thanks for the prompting!

  4. Julia says

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to cut all extra spending out. The kids have been good about not complaining or asking for anything, so this would be a nice treat for them.

    PS – The Children’s Theatre is one of Cincinnati’s jewels.

  5. Clarissa Stratton says

    I subscribe to the newsletter, and checked out your facebook page. Would love to come see this show!

  6. Christina Stansbury says

    I checked out Family Friendly Cincinnati and The Children’s Theatre on Facebook.

  7. Christina Stansbury says

    Annie was one my absolutely favorites growing up! I would love to share it with my little ones!

  8. Chris Einhaus says

    I have checked out Family Friendly Cincinnati and The Children’s Theatre on Facebook

  9. Amy Scheeser says

    I want to take my 3 daughters to this show – it’s such a great experience1 The shows are always great. And one of my girls really wants to learn to act and perform on stage – she will love this!

  10. Amber Masters says

    Having 3 boys and one girl, my time alone spent with just us “girls” has become few and far between. To take my daughter and my 2 nieces sounds like an incredibly great way to make some good memories!

  11. Chris Einhaus says

    I want to take my family because I think it would be fun for our 5yr old to see her first musical on stage.

  12. Amy K says

    I would like to take my kids because I loved the play as a child and I would love to expose them to the arts!

  13. Stephanie S says

    I would love to take my daughter to see Annie-I loved the movie growing up and I think she is at the perfect age to go see it. Great mother/daughter day out:)

  14. Tiffany Walters says

    I would LOVE to take my girls to see Annie, because when I was a little girl it was actually the first birthday slumber party I was allowed to have! We rented a VCR (weighed a tone- hilarious) and the VHS copy of Annie! We danced and sang and role played and acted like we were recipients of Daddy Warbucks inheritance. I still remember it like it was yesterday! Would love to share this experience now with my girls. Thank you for the opportunity!

  15. Alice Rericha says

    My two daughters love the story of Annie so much they keep asking if we can go to the orphanage and get a new brother or sister.

  16. Jennifer K says

    My family has never been to the Children’s Theatre- I am sure we would all LOVE it!

  17. says

    I have loved Annie for as long as I can remember! I’ve sang the songs my whole life and I started singing them to my daughter when she was born. She’s now in kindergarten and loves the songs as much as I do. She’s also a huge fan of plays, musicals and anything dramatic. I feel it would literally be life altering for her to experience the play at this age and solidify a lifelong love of the arts (like the rest of her family!!).

  18. Jennifer Heiert says

    My daughter is very interested in theater and I would love to take her to see Annie!

  19. Kathy says

    I’d love to take my family because this show brings back great memories – my parents took my daughters and a cousin (my niece) as a childhood treat. It was also a favorite on VHS in our household. It is a wonderful story!

  20. Amanda D says

    Loved “Annie” as a kid. I think I had the whole movie memorized! I would love to take my kiddos to see it at the theater.

  21. Jessie says

    I loved Annie as a kid and really want to share that w/ my girls. I sing them a lot of the songs when we are hanging around the house!

  22. olivia c. says

    This was my favorite movie growing up. Now my 5 Years old daughter discovered Annie this summer on DVD. Would love for us to see it live on stage.

  23. olivia c. says

    Annie was my favorite movie growing up. My 5 year old daughter discovered it this summer on DVD. I would love for us to see it live on the stage!

  24. Olivia says

    Annie was my favorite movie growing up. My 5 year old daughter saw the DVD this summer. I would love for us to see it live on the stage with her.

  25. Kimberli says

    I played an orphan in Annie in high school. My daughter has never seen Annie, and I think it would be a great opportunity to experience with her.

  26. Maureen says

    I want to take my kids because their elementary school did the play last year and they both were in it! My son was Sandy the dog and my daughter was Lilly St. Regis!

  27. Melissa Ely says

    It’s our Super Birthday Month (mom, dad and little girl)! What a fabulous way to continue the celebrations by taking in a great musical!

  28. lindsay mortimer says

    I think it is important to spend time with my kids and this is a great ay to do it.

  29. amy baumgardner says

    I would take my daughter and my best friend and her daughter. I absolutely love this movie and when I met my best friend who is a red head that was my name for her :) I would love for our girls to see why I call her Annie the cute little freckled face girl

  30. Cheri says

    I would love to take my family to see Annie Jr. because I think it would be a great way to introduce the children to theater. They loved the Annie movie, so I think think that they would enjoy this play, as well.

  31. Jill Mays says

    I want to take my grandchildren. They love to go to shows at the Cincinnati Children’s Theater and the shows are always awesome.

  32. Carolyn M says

    We love the Children’s Theatre! Theatre is a wonderful experience for the whole family. Annie is one of my favorite plays and I hope it becomes my daughter’s favorite as well!