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grateful grahamsAs children, our parents encouraged us each to follow our dreams. Be it to be a fire fighter, an astronaut or a veterinarian, our parents encouraged us to pursue a future that we were excited about. For working mom Rachel DesRochers, that dream was to one day own her own business.

Three years ago Rachel made the leap, and with one child still at home, and one is school, she launched Grateful Grahams, a small business that makes a variety of delicious, handmade vegan graham cracker treats.

We’re big fans of these tasty treats and recently asked Rachel if she’d share a little bit more about her business and how it came to be with the readers of Family Friendly Cincinnati.


Gina Weathersby of Kiwi Street Studios

Rachel DesRochers, Owner Grateful Grahams. Photo Credit: Gina Weathersby of Kiwi Street Studios

1. How did you come up with the idea for Grateful Grahams?
Grateful Grahams was created from my dream of owning my own business and balancing life as a mom. My childhood memories of graham crackers then tasting them fresh baked I knew I had a great idea. Dreaming big!!

2. Tell us about Grateful Grahams.
Grateful Grahams is a handmade vegan graham cracker. I love making a vegan product. Being aware of vegan lifestyles mainly from my dad who went vegan after a battle with cancer then now to me being vegan too! We make all of our products by hand, rolling approximately 4,000 graham crackers weekly by hand. The name came from truly believing and living a life of gratitude. Being grateful for my life and all the world around me. Teaching my kids about gratitude and my community too.

3. How do you come up with your flavor/product ideas?
We have our original and chocolate grahams. It took me 2 years to come up with another product. That is where our bites came in. We have an entire line of bites staple flavors including- peanut butter chocolate chip, trail mix and chocolate chocolate chunk! Seasonal flavors have included- pumpkin pecan spice, chocolate chili pepper, cornmeal lavender and spice bush berry!  My mom created our buckeye brownies and she comes in every Wednesday to make them all for the week. One of my favorite created recipes is our coconut delights and chocolate covered bourbon walnut bites!

Grateful Grahams Products

4. Where can people find them? 
We are carried in stores from Park + Vine to Whole Foods Market. Right now we are in 4 Whole Foods Markets. You can get us at the Kroger in Latonia, Madison’s at Findlay Market, Joseph Beth Booksellers. Coffee shops from Left Bank Coffeehouse, Blue Manatee Children’s Bookstore and Decafe, Luckmans. We also ship right now to California, Michigan and Cleveland. We do 5 farmers markets a week (that is where you can mostly get our specialty items) Loveland, Northside, Madeira, Findlay and Hyde Park. We also do the Mariemont Market once a month.  You can order Grateful Grahams from their website, HERE

Grateful Grahams in StoreOffsite events coming include- Carriage House Farm Tours, Zoofari, Bluegrass for Babies, Makers Fair and more!  We love special orders too we have been doing a lot of birthday parties lately! View the Grateful Grahams calendar of events, HERE

5. Where can people get more information?
Find us for the most up to date information on Facebook at Grateful Grahams or visit (you can order direct and do special orders from our website!)


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  1. Whitney E. says

    I am dying to try the pumpkin pecan Grahams! I have a feeling those will be my favorite. I love the chocolate chocolate chip bites too!

  2. Helene Apke says

    Had my first bag of grahams this week and already addicted. Telling everyone I know to check out your product. Posted on FB that people need to request your product at The Friendly Market so we can get them closer to home. YUM YUM eat them up.

  3. Jessica says

    Just checked out both pages on Facebook. Love that Grateful Grahams posts all the markets, farms and festivals they’ll be at! Definitely going to visit again.

  4. Jessica says

    I am pregnant so instantly want to eat anything sweet that I see! This would be a great healthy alternative to some of the other stuff that’s been tempting me. Would LOVE to try the chocolate chocolate chunk or the seasonal pumpkin spice if available. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  5. Sonja Andrus says

    I’m looking forward to trying the pumpkin seasonals. We love the chocolate chocolate, and really all of them. Yum, yum, yum!

  6. Karen Bruce says

    Have not tried the coconut ones yet but I need to get out to a market when you will have them. Love your products and love everything that goes into making them!

  7. Angi Dill says

    We love these grahams, first discovered them at Whispering Beard Folk Fest a few years ago and now look forward to seeing James at Findlay market twice a month!!!

  8. Vicky farmer says

    The chocolate Graham’s are my favorite! My 19-month old daughter is in love with then now too:). I haven’t tried any of the bites yet, but I’m sure ill love them all:)

  9. Dana Damm says

    I would like to try the peanut butter chocolate bites.
    Already get newsletter and liked both on facebook.