Old West Festival 2013

Old West Festival DiscountIt’s that time of year again.  The pools are closing.  The kids are back in school.  Leaves will start changing color.  Bonfires are being lit.  And…

The Old West Festival is back in town!

We went to the Old West Festival last year and had a blast.  We watched a horse riding show, got deputized, rode a covered wagon, collected wooden nickels and cowboyed up to the saloon for a rootbeer.  My son and I got to wear our cowboy boots and meander around the historically accurate old west town. 

This year the Old West Festival runs from September 7 to October 6 and is located at 1449 Greenbush Cobb Rd. in Williamsburg, Ohio 45176 (just off U.S. Rt. 32, near Greater Cincinnati). 

They are open Saturdays and Sundays only!  Hours are 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Rain or shine).

Tickets are $12 for adults and $6 for kids ages  6 to 12.  Kids 5 and under are FREE.  Parking is FREE.  To receive a discount, as an FFC reader, please enter FFCC prior to payment online. 

Check out the Old West Festival Entertainment Schedule for more, but here are a few of the things you can enjoy:

  • The Pickled Brothers Circus
  • Let the kids become deputies
  • Enjoy a magic show
  • Check out a re-enacted gun fight
  • And more!!

Check out the details for each weekend and plan your visit accordingly:

  • Sept 7-8 Cowboy Hero Weekend (first 1,000 kids receive a free cowboy hat!  Active and Retired Military receive a $5 discount with military ID)
  • September 14-15 Native American Weekend
  • September 21-22 Steampunk Weekend
  • September 28-29 Villians Weekend (the first 1,000 children under the age of 12 receive a free bandana)
  • October 5-6 America’s Pastime Weekend –Watch the history of The Cincinnati Reds come to life through live, old-fashioned baseball games.


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 Disclosure: The post originally contained a giveaway. Prizes were provided by representatives with The Old West Festival.  Old West Festival is an advertiser with Family Friendly Cincinnati.


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  1. sharon wagner says

    I want to take my dad and my kids-He loves westerns and know it would love the old west fest. WE will do it all if I am a winner

  2. Gwen Grubb says

    I want to win tickets to the Old West Festival because my kids would love it. Our favorite show is reruns of Gunsmoke and this festival would be just like being in the tv show.

  3. michelle says

    I just shared this page on Facebook. I’ve never been to the Old West Fest but it looks like a lot of fun! :)

  4. Sara Moore says

    I like that they post photos on facebook. The tone of their posts is also very warm and inviting.

  5. Dave .M says

    My kids would love to visit the old west festival to see all tge wonderful shows, the wagin rides and play deputy!

  6. Jill Mays says

    I have liked Old West Festival’s page on Facebook. I love the postings they have about the things to do.

  7. Jill Mays says

    I know my grandchildren would love to be a deputy and see all the other happenings. I would love to win tickets to take them.

  8. Christine Hammersmith says

    Shared on facebook and checked out the facebook page, looking forward to a gun fight!!

  9. Autumn Franckhauser says

    My boys would love to meet the Sheriff and see a gun fight! We would love to win the tickets!

  10. Jessica S. says

    I visited the Facebook page and loved the photos–it showed a lot more of what to expect from the festival. Guitars and banjos? Fire swallowers? Baby goats? I have a feeling I’d never get my son out of his cowboy outfit after this!

  11. Jessica says

    My two-year-old son is currently head over heels for anything that he can ride on (or watch other people ride on)–a horse, a covered wagon, an old-fashioned train, a cowboy’s shoulders (a.k.a. the shoulders of his cowboy-hat-wearing daddy), you name it! He would love nothing more than an afternoon at the Old West Festival. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  12. Tanya says

    Love the old west my kids can not wait to go see all the gun fighting!! Shared on Facebook and I love their page especially all the old pictures!!

  13. Jessica says

    My kids would love to see the gun fight and horses. Great family day out. Would love to win the tickets!

  14. Elizabeth Baker says

    Checked out Old West Festival on FB! Love their photos of their kick off celebration! My family would love to attend the festival!

  15. Elizabeth Baker says

    I would absolutely love to win tickets to take my kids! My boys would love to become deputies, and my daughter would love the horse show! They would all love the entire festival!

  16. Lisa H says

    I’d love to take my daughter because it sounds like a great way to spend the day! She’d love to see the horses and the Pickled Brother Circus.

  17. Samantha W says

    I would love to take my son, we have never been and I know he would just love it. My daughter would love all the horses.

  18. Samantha W says

    I am a fan of their facebook page and I like their page because it shows photos and has info on some of the people and things that will be there

  19. Lyinn Wolf says

    I would like to win tickets to take my 72 year old father. He loves anything Western and I know he will love this

  20. amy says

    Already like Old West Festival on facebook. I like the photos makes it easier to get kids excited about going when they can see what all they have to do and see…now I just have to win tickets to be able to take them :)

  21. amy says

    Our 7 year old son thinks it would be fun to have Daddy locked up and make him talk his way out of jail.

  22. Elizabeth Browning says

    My 3 year old would love this plus my dad is coming from another state just to see it.

  23. Christina Becker says

    Shared on Facebook :) I would love for my family to get down to this Old West Festival together and enjoy some quality time together. Been such a crazy busy summer we’ve not had much time to do anything together.

  24. chris murphy says

    I would like to win tickets for my kids. Because money is so tight they did not have a good Summer . No Kings Island ,Beach or Zoo. It would be great to finally do something fun!!!

  25. Lauren jones says

    My family loves the gun fights at the old west rest. Winning tickets to this great family-friendly event would be amazing! Thank you!