Cones for the Cure – Honoring the memory of Elena & raising $$ for cancer research!

“Do you ever know when you are experiencing a miracle? I guess I just expected more – maybe a flash of light, a clap of thunder or a visit from an angel. But, maybe, just maybe, the angel is right here next to me.” – Keith Desserich, “Notes Left Behind“.


ElenasfamilyI recently met the founder of The Cure Starts Now.  He was kind enough to deliver a goodie package as a thank you for posting about Cones for the Cure on my personal blog. I initially didn’t realize that the founder was also Elena’s Dad, Keith Desserich, and Elena is the reason Cones for the Cure started.  It touched me to think that this man took the time out of his day just to say thanks. This man who has tirelessly Elenaplayhouseraised money for cancer research…..this man who lost his beautiful daughter, Elena (age 6), to brain cancer…..this man who is an inspiration to so many….this man who continues to pay homage to his daughter by sharing her inspirational story…..this man stopped by to say thanks. Wow! (pictures of the Desserich family & Elena provided by The Cure Starts Now).

GraetersElenasBlueberryicecreamI hope you can help me in saying thank you to Keith and his wife Brooke for all they have done to raise awareness and funds for cancer research by participating in the upcoming Cones for the Cure at your local Graeter’s.   In 2012, Cones for the Cure raised $42,000– of which 100% goes directly to children’s cancer research!  This year the goal is to raise $50,000. How can you help?  Enjoy some ice cream during the month of September – maybe even try some Elena’s Blueberry Pie ice cream or pick up  a Graeter’s coupon book or make a donation to the Cure .  The Cones for the Cure campaign runs from September 4-16 and there will be two upcoming dates where you can get a FREE scoop of Elena’s Blueberry Pie ice cream. Follow Cones for the Cure on Facebook and Twitter to see when those dates will be announced.


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  1. Busam Cincinnati says

    This is a GREAT cause, and a brilliant idea. Who doesn’t love a scoop (Or two.. Or three….)

    I hope you guys soar well past your goal of $50,000 this year.

    Huge respect for everyone involved in organizing this, and I hope this is a massive, overwhelming success.

    Yours truly,
    Brian at