The Spring Break Bucket List Giveaway

SpringBreakTopofPageAre you looking for ways to keep the kids busy over Spring Break?  We’ve come up with the perfect way to have fun around town and at home and in the process you can do good things in your community AND enter to win a fabulous prize!  Sound interesting?  Read on…

 We are collaborating with Kocanut Joe’s Frozen Yogurt in Fort Mitchell to give one lucky reader a PARTY AT KOCANUT JOE’S!   What kid wouldn’t love a frozen yogurt party?!?!  And it doesn’t have to be for their birthday…you could celebrate the warmer weather, a sports victory, or even celebrate because your child got good grades.  Whatever the reason you have for celebrating, KoJo’s will provide the Froyo for up to 15 kids!

The fine print ::

ONE winner will be chosen randomly on Wednesday, April 17th at 2pm.  The winner will be emailed and announced on Facebook.  You will have 24 hours to respond or another name will be chosen.  The winner will be given a certificate worth a party for up to 15 children at Kocanut Joe’s Frozen Yogurt to be used before June 15th 2013.  You will contact the owner of the store to set up a date/time that works for you.  At the party up to 15 children will receive a FREE 6oz cup of Froyo with toppings and a Kocanut Joe’s temporary tattoo.

Mandatory Entry:

Leave a comment ~ What would you celebrate if you won this contest?

Bonus Entries

**Here’s where the challenge comes in, THIS IS NOT ONE OF OUR TYPICAL GIVEAWAYS, so read carefully:  We’ve listed some fun ideas to keep your family busy this Spring Break and ways to give back to the community and for each activity that you do you can post another comment as an entry in the contest!  Please note, we don’t expect everyone to complete every activity, we just wanted to have a wide selection to choose from. 😉  So get to work on your family’s very own bucket list and enter to win!

Remember, leave a separate comment for each activity that your family does!

  1. Tweet about this giveaway to get other folks excited: Our family is having a blast taking part in the #SpringBreakBucketList with @KocanutJoes on @FamFriendlyCin.
  1. Visit a local Museum (or even one that’s not so close to home).
  1. Read a book together as a family.
  1. Find a “dirty spot” in your community and pick up trash as a family.
  1. Make cards for people who are sad or sick or lonely and deliver them (great places to send cards are hospitals, nursing homes, or elderly neighbors).  **This was inspired by the recent #5CardChallenge by Adventure Mom & a Bird and a Bean blogs.
  1. Find a new park to visit.
  1. Make food for a local soup kitchen or Ronald McDonald house.
  1. Do some arts & crafts as a family (find inspiration here and here).
  1. Throw your dinner plans out the window on a pretty night and pack up a picnic dinner instead!  Eat at a park, in the backyard, or on a park bench by the river…just get outside!
  1. Go to storytime at your local library.
  1. “Choose your own adventure” – each person can have one entry that is not listed above.  Just leave a comment telling us what kind of adventure your family had on Spring Break.  It doesn’t need to be a big, grand adventure, it can be as simple as preparing a meal together.

 Good Luck, and HAVE FUN!

And while you’re doing these activities, we’d love to see your pix on Twitter and Instagram tagging @FamFriendlyCin & @KocanutJoes with #SpringBreakBucketList

 Kocanut Joe’s is located at 2479 Dixie Highway in Fort Mitchell.  Their winter hours are Sunday – Thursday from 12-9 and Friday & Saturday from Noon until 10.  859-331-KOJO

Disclaimer :: The prize for the Spring Break Bucket List Giveaway is being given by Kocanut Joe’s Frozen Yogurt. 

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  1. Christina says

    We went to visit the updated park in Hanover Township. It is great! The kids had a blast!

  2. Michelle says

    The VERY FIRST thing we did when our spring break began was go to KOKANUT JOES’S. It was the kids’ first request and was a great way to kick off the break from school.

  3. Christina says

    On Spring Break we made an adventure out of visiting the Cincinnati Zoo… the kids loved it! (As always!)

  4. Michelle says

    We had a pot luck cookout with the neighbors. It was fun having all the parents and kids play and eat outside together.

  5. Michelle says

    One of our favorite annual spring break “staycations” is a visit the Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary near Frankfort. We are fortunate that our uncle is the nature expert there so we get to stay a couple of nights. We enjoy acres of nature trails, bird watching, and many other outdoor activities.

  6. Christina says

    We just recently enjoyed the Cincinnati History museum, Flight of the butterflies at the omnimax and the Cincinnati Childrens museum! LOVE going to the museum center!

  7. Michelle says

    We spent lots of time outside together hiking in our woods and riding bikes in our neighborhood.

  8. Michelle says

    My 1st grade daughter just discovered the Junie B. Jones book series, which my sons (13 & 11) LOVED when they were her age, so we all snuggled while I read a few of these very entertaining books to them. Even Dad and Grandma listened and laughed.

  9. Carolyn M says

    We went to Sharon Woods last week. I have lived in Cincinnati all my life and have never been there before!

  10. Michelle says

    We would celebrate my son’s 11th birthday at the end of this month. Kokanut Joe’s is his FAVORITE place so that would be a perfect place to celebrate!

  11. Terese says

    We toured and transitioned our children in to their new school and would celebrate with their new friends!

  12. Tony says

    Our family went to story time at the local library…it looks like they are ending it sadly because of budget cuts.

  13. Jennifer says

    All of us planted a raised garden together. The kids had so much fun digging in the dirt!

  14. Jennifer says

    My son and i also went to Central Park in New York City. It was neat being where some of my favorite movies have been filmed. Not to mention it was a huge park!

  15. Jennifer says

    My 6 year old made a get well card for a neighbor who’s in the hospital. She can’t give it to her yet because she’s still in there:(

  16. Jennifer says

    My girls and i just read the Woman Who Swallowed a Rose the other day. They thought it was silly:)

  17. Jennifer says

    I would celebrate the birthdays of my 3 children all 3 birthday fall within the same week!

  18. Stacey says

    We went to Opening Day parade and an afternoon (much warmer) Reds game later in the week.

  19. Angie says

    We had a family gathering and my daughter got crafty and made everyone their own name cards! Cute!!

  20. Angie says

    My family along with other members of our family went to watch my nephews Senior Play!! Very good play!!!

  21. Maureen says

    We had a picnic dinner on the balcony of our room at the state park lodge and watched the birds soar overhead!

  22. Amy Thompson says

    We were happy to spend our spring break outside in our backyard as well as the zoo. We would celebrate our move to our new house in Ft. Mitchell as well as my son’s 4th birthday in May.

  23. Lindsay says

    With baseball season in us we are reading books and learning about Cincinnati reds baseball history advanced family.

  24. Lindsay says

    If we won the Koconut Joe’s party we celebrate my sons 5th birthday and my daughters 4th birthday with friends from our church.

  25. Joleen says

    We visited Putnam Museum in Davenport , IA while visiting grandparents over spring break!

  26. kelly says

    We did lots of arts and crafts (including the homemade cards) and made Easter cookies as well.

  27. kelly says

    We didn’t quite have a picnic outside BUT we let the kids play outside last night until 8:00 and let them eat a late dinner inside:)

  28. Laura Perez says

    We made a picnic campfire dinner in our own backyard. Yum hotdogs on a stick!!

  29. Lisa Middendorf says

    My kids made cards for their grandpa who lives alone, and for their Nana who lives alone.

  30. Angie Clifton Marshall says

    We used craft time to make homemade picture frames with foam board and aluminum foil

  31. Elizabeth Cox says

    My boys took their grandparents to Wright Pat AFB museum today! Staycation at the grandparents house all week.

  32. Travis` says

    What would you celebrate if you won this contest? Give to my daughter and let her take her class for end school party!

  33. jamie says

    What would you celebrate if you won this contest? Celebrate end of school and take all the kids from my daunghter Preschool Class! How cool would my daughter be! :)

  34. jamie says

    Spring break in couple weeks, I plan to take the kids to the Zoo, Aquarium and EntreTRAINment Junction!

  35. jamie says

    Eat at a park, in the backyard, or on a park bench by the river! Check! Check and Check!

  36. Jessica says

    My husband and I took our toddler to Riverside Park in Milford for the very first time for their community Easter Egg hunt. He LOVED the fact that the bunny arrived on a fire truck, and the community did a great job handing out balloons, goodie bags and snacks to all the kids who participated. We all had a great time!

  37. Jessica says

    We would celebrate the return of short sleeves, sundresses & sandals after such a long and cold winter. Can’t think of a better way to welcome back the sun than with some fro-yo and some good friends! Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  38. Emilie Butler says

    We would celebrate the end of the school year! What a fun way to end the school year!!

  39. Jennifer says

    We would celebrate my kids birthdays!! All three are in the summer!! What better way to celebrate than with some Froyo!!