Lazer Kraze-Bounce Away the Winter Blahs

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You know we love Lazer Kraze around here.  The kids of Family Friendly Cincinnati are BIG fans (and so are the parents!)  Jumping, running, playing, bouncing…what’s not to love?   It’s great exercise, it’s amazing fun, and it’s a nice break from the day to day “blahs” of school/homework/chores.  Everyone needs to cut loose and blow off some steam once in awhile.  Lazer Kraze is the perfect place to do it!

lazer mazeLazer Kraze is an awesome place to go and chase the blahs away…but they offer SO much more!  A few things you might not know about them:

  • There are 3 locations: Erlanger, Kentucky, Deerfield Township (near Kings Island) in Maineville, OH and Columbus, Oh
  • All 3 locations offer amazing Lazer Tag missions using the world’s top lazer tag system
  • The Erlanger location has Cincinnati’s ONLY indoor trampoline arena!
  • The Deerfield location encourages you to let our your inner spy with their Lazer Maze!
  • All 3 locations have Galactic Gaming rooms to keep the fun rolling while you wait for your lazer missions to start
  • Have a big backyard party coming up and want to add something fun and new?  Lazer Kraze to Go is the answer!  They lazerkraze4bring the fun to you, wherever that may be!  Details on the website.
  • You know that Lazer Kraze does fantastic birthday parties but did you also know that your business can plan team building events as well?    Get your colleagues together and blast away an afternoon having fun, building morale and strengthening your team!

Not too long ago FFC and Lazer Kraze got together to help you ‘Bounce away the Blahs’ with a Lazer Kraze Family Fun pack and we’re back to do it again!  Beat that spring fever that is enveloping all of us right now and bounce or blast away the last of the winter blahs!

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Lazer Kraze is located at :

Erlanger Location: 1335 Donaldson Road, Erlanger, Ky

Deerfield Township: 3187 Western Row Road, Maineville, Oh

For information on  hours, specials, birthday parties and more please visit them at their website:

Good luck!

disclosure: Lazer Kraze is a Family Friendly Cincinnati advertiser and provided us with the Family pack of mission/trampoline passes as a way of sharing the fun with our readers.

When not blogging at Family Friendly Cincinnati you can find Amy writing at her personal blog In A Galaxy.

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  1. Tiffany Walters says

    How does my family beat the winter blues? Lots & lots of homemade brownies! :) Baking is a plus for our winter pasttime!

  2. Vicki says

    We try to beat the winter blahs by spending as many of the nice days outside as we can and also swimming at the Y helps.

  3. JenRah says

    Our family beats the winter blahs by following FFC for great ideas to get us OUT OF THE HOUSE without costing us a fortune!

  4. Mary Jane says

    We beat the winter “Blahs” by filling up the bathtub, getting out our beach toys, and having our very own beach party!

  5. amy says

    Usually we beat the winter blahs by getting out as much as possible. Ohio weather means some cold days for activities at home and some nice days for activities outside. Gotta love Ohio weather :)

  6. AmandaC says

    My 6 year old son loves to create! Give him some tape and a few cardboard boxes and he’s busy for at least an hour!

  7. Jamie says

    We beat the winter blahs by cooking together, playing board games, and watching movies in the evening and every day the sun shines we open all the curtains in the house and enjoy the beautiful sun!
    *Following on FB and Twitter ★

  8. Chris Einhaus says

    I have already liked Family Friendly Cincinnati and Lazer Kraze on Facebook.

  9. Shari says

    We have Family Games Nights throughout the week and each person gets the chance to choose the game of the night. We also look through travel magazines and pick a place to be transported to for a day! Lots of fun and imagination keeps the kids laughing.

  10. Carla says

    I subscribe to the newsletter, and frequently participate in many of the suggested activities. Our favorites are outdoor events when the weather is nice, and Laser Kraze is a bonus in the boring winter. Bring on spring!

  11. Joan T. says

    We beat the winter blahs by many, many trips to the library…and by winning tickets to Lazer Kraze to bounce and blast them away!!

  12. Amy says

    My family beats the winter blahs by having fun inside and going out and exploring all the fun things to do in the area. :-)

  13. Brenda H says

    We beat the winter blah’s by doing indoor activities and changing them up: videos, games, crafts, etc.

  14. Christina Z says

    We try to beat the winter blues by going to movies, visiting family. Try to get out of the house for sure.

  15. Julia says

    We play games. They have learned some new ones this winter – Chess and Monopoly.

  16. Stacey Karlosky says

    I follow ffc on facebook. We try toget outside as much a possible or head to the library!

  17. Stacey says

    We play basketball, air hockey, and my boys run laps around the house! We also still go outside as much as possible no matter the weather.

  18. krpincincinnati says

    My family goes for a swim at the local Y to beat the winter blah’s! And we have family movie night on Friday nights! :) The kids actually look forward to family movie night!

  19. krpincincinnati says

    I “like” and follow Family Friendly Cincinnati and Lazer Kraze on Facebook! :) Thanks for the opportunity!