The Frisch’s Big Boy “Fishing Trip” Giveaway (Closed)

Frisch's Lenten Items

This contest has been closed. Congratulations to Stephanie W! You’ve just won a $100 gift card to Frisch’s and 10 passes to Newport Aquarium!!!

This Lenten season the folks at Frisch’s Big Boy have a new item joining their roster of Lenten-friendly dishes– the Haddock Fillet Dinner – and have asked us to help them celebrate its arrival.

The new Haddock Fillet Dinner features a whole fillet of North Atlantic haddock that is hand breaded and fried to order in the store fresh each day.

While we haven’t yet had a chance to try the Haddock, during our family’s visits to Frisch’s during Lent you’ll almost always find a basket of Fish-N-Chips on our table (along with a TON of tartar sauce).

So speaking of fish.. according to a press release, the folks at Frisch’s sell more than 421 tons of breaded cod each year! The release stated that if you laid the pieces of cod end-to-end, it would stretch across the length of nearly 3,000 football fields.

To celebrate the launch of its new Haddock Fillet Dinner, Frisch’s has given us a prize package to giveaway that is beyond exciting.  Not only are they giving us a $100 Frisch’s gift card…. they are also giving us 10 general admission passes to the Newport Aquarium! One lucky FFC reader will “reel in” the “big catch” and take home both the $100 gift card and the 10 passes to Newport Aquarium!


Frisch's new Haddock Fillet Dinner

Frisch’s new Haddock Fillet Dinner

One lucky FFC reader will “reel in” the BIG CATCH — > a $100 Frisch’s gift card and 10 passes to Newport Aquarium!! So how can you enter to win? It’s easy. Simply answer question number one below. Additional items are bonus entries. Leave a separate comment on this post for each one you complete. A total of five entries are possible.

    1. What is your favorite item to order at Frisch’s?

Bonus Entries

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    4. Tweet about this giveaway, including @FamFriendlyCin in your Tweet.


That’s it…that’s FIVE ways to enter which means FIVE chances to win!  Winner will be drawn (randomly) Friday, March 8 at 10PM and notified via email (we’ll also announce it our our Facebook page). Contest is open to Tri-State residents ages 18 and up. Winners will have 24 hours to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

 Disclosure: The prizes in this giveaway were provided by representatives with Frisch’s Big Boy. We were also provided with a gift certificate so we could try out Frisch’s Lenten menu ourselves.

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  1. Christy W says

    I love a good ol’ Big Boy, french fries with tartar sauce and a vanilla coke!

  2. L. Wolf says

    I already “like” Frisch’s on facebook and have now “liked” Family Friendly Cincinnati there as well. I had never heard of you before, but this looks like a great resource for local events.

  3. L. Wolf says

    I love to order Frisch’s onion rings because they go with all my other favorite Frisch’s foods. :-)

  4. says

    I love getting breakfast there and usually end of getting the the number one, which is eggs, bacon, toast and hasbrowns along with a cup of coffee.

  5. Jess says

    I like to order a big boy with extra extra extra extra extra extra pickles onion rings and a vanilla chocolate coke!

  6. Amanda says

    I signed up for your newsletter. I live in dayton and we are always looking for family fun in cincinnati and dayton areas.

  7. Amanda says

    I usually get a big boy and salad bar but my husband and son always get fish sandwiches with fries and salad bar.

  8. Debbie Loges says

    Frischs Big Boy has been a favorite in our family for generation. I remember my Grandparent getting us dress nice to go sit in the slick booths and having a Big boy with extra tarter sauce, Onion rings, and if we were good a chocolate milk shake. Oh what a treat. Now that my kids are older, I love to have a fishwich with extra tarter sauce and a bowl of veggie soup just like my Grandma loved to get. Thanks for the memories.

  9. Sandy Whisman says

    The soup and salad bar! I used to get the portabello mushroom burger but you stopped making them!

  10. Sandy Whisman says

    Love the soup and salad bar! Used to get the Portabello mushroom sandwich (I am vegan) but you stopped carrying it! :-(

  11. Winter Dryden says

    Done all you asked & my favorite thing to order is the Big Boy Platter with extra tarter sauce!

  12. Collene owda says

    Big boy platter with onion rings, a salad with ranch, and a cherry coke!!! And don’t forget EXTRA tarter sauce!

  13. Brandy Moreland says

    Favorite thing to order at Frisch’s Bacon Cheeseburger with a side of chili and fries!! YUM

  14. Lori Bean says

    I LOVE their chicken tortilla soup. The manager at my local Frisch’s has even called me when the get it in!

  15. Nancy says

    We are hungry for a Big Boy and fries…..and Strawberry pie.

    I follow FFC, Frisch’s and Newport Aquarium on FB. follow FFC on Pinterest.

  16. Nancy says

    We’ve got a hunger for a Big Boy with fries and strawberry pie.

    I like FCC, Newport Aquarium and Frisch’s on FB and follow FCC on Pinterest.

  17. Shannon Carney says

    I love, love, love the grilled cheese on texas toast platter (mashed potatoes and mac & cheese).

  18. Kathy Bowen says

    I love the grilled cheese and vegetable soup, especially in the winter! I already receive the e-newsletter and follow (“like”) both Frisch’s and Family Friendly Cincinnati on Facebook.

  19. Clay says

    I follow FFC on pinterest! Only entry I can’t get is the tweet because I don’t have a twitter. BUMMER!

  20. Clay says

    Favorite thing is either a Fish Sandwich or Super Big Boy, both with EXTRA tartar sauce. ALWAYS onion rings as a side and a vanilla coke!

  21. micaela says

    fish sandwhich and diet vanilla coke (i defeats the purpose when I put the vanilla syrup in it!)

  22. Sara P says

    I don’t have a favorite I like everything! However, both my boys (5,3 yr) always want to order the salad bar. I finally figured out it’s because they only want the jello.

  23. Alice Rericha says

    Our favorite thing to order is The Brawny Lad, only because we think the name is hilarious.

  24. Kristen F. says

    I love their Hot Open face Roast Beef meal with mashed potatoes. And gotta love their Cherry Coke!!!!

  25. Christina Z says

    My favorite thing to order at Frischs is the Big Boy and french fries with tartar sauce on side.

  26. says

    My favorite thing at Frisch’s is the crispy fish dinner (and not because it’s Lent-I don’t “do” Lent). And I love the cherry coke.

  27. amy says

    I love their tuna melt. I also love being able to take my kids to a family friendly place where they can get more than just a greasy burger and fries. They love their grilled cheese dipped in frisch tartar sauce and I love that they can get a side salad, mac and cheese, and vegetables as a side.

  28. Julia says

    Already follow on Pinterest. I need to go through the Boards, I haven’t been on them for a while.

  29. Rosalyn says

    Favorite item at Frisch’s? Grilled Cheese? Big Boy? Fish?

    I’d already ‘liked’ Family Friendly Cincinnati’s FB page and already following on Pinterest. Added Frisch’s FB and FFC’s Twitter…

    We are new to Cincinnati – moved last year from Texas and we’re trying all things “Cincinnati” as a family. Thank you for be such a great source for us!!!

    REALLY want to win!!! :)

  30. Sarah says

    I love their fish sandwich. Even when it’s not lent, I order it from time to time. It is SO much better than the other fast food restaurants out there.