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RockBottomTopofPageAre you looking for a family friendly place to take the kids for a meal?  Somewhere that the parents will enjoy as well?  Might I suggest Rock Bottom Brewery on Fountain Square?  It’s a great place to dine for the whole family.  They are open for Lunch and Dinner (and have a pretty great happy hour specials as well).  They are open from 11am until 11pm Sun-Thurs and until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.  They brew their own beer and make their food from scratch, what more could you want?

We have been to Rock Bottom Brewery a few times without the kids, so this week was the first time I had been there with the children.  We were on our way to the Aronoff Center to see a show, and wanted to have a bite to eat before-hand.  I went with my cousin and her 2 year old son, so it was a Mommy-Son date lunch with two mamas and three boys underrockbottomwill the age of five.  I was a bit nervous about taking them to lunch at Rock Bottom during the peak lunch time downtown.  I was afraid their noise would irritate all of the business folks there for lunch.  I was also afraid if there was a lunch crowd that we’d have to wait…for a table, for food, etc.  But I was wrong on both counts.  One of the things that makes Rock Bottom Brewery family friendly is that it is loud.  Not in a “shout to be heard” kind of way, but loud in the way that my children’s <sometimes noisy> voices were drowned out by conversations and laughter.  And even though the place appeared packed, we didn’t wait at all for a table.  And not only was our waitress super-friendly and helpful with the kids (she brought them a plate of cherries because they all wanted the cherry that was in my cousin’s drink), but she was also super-speedy.  I felt like we didn’t wait long for anything.  She was quick to take our order, quick to bring our drinks, and kept checking up on us periodically.

RockBottomKidsMenuThe kids were entertained by the coloring sheets & crayons and by all the hustle and bustle around them.  Rock Bottom does have a great kid’s menu, but we opted for appetizers instead of lunch, so they had what we were having.  We all split a few appetizers, and the portions were HUGE and we were all stuffed in the end.  The prices were great too.  I had a terrible time deciding what to eat, as their menu has so many choices.  And a great variety of choices too!  Not just your typical bar food fare.  We ended up getting the soft pretzels (which come with a delicious cheese dip), the nachos (enough to feed a small army), the Kobe Beef sliders and a side of fries at the munchkins’ request.  The food was all perfect.  And of course I also sampled one of their beers, the IPA, and it was scrumptious.  I love that they brew their own beers!


During the warmer months you can sit outside at Rock Bottom Brewery, which would be extra awesome if there is live music that night.  If you haven’t been to Rock Bottom yet, consider making a trip downtown to dine there very soon!  While you are down there make a day or evening of it!  See a show at the Aronoff or the Taft, check out the Contemporary Arts Center  and UnMuseum (free on Mondays after 5pm!), or do some shopping.  There’s so much to do and see downtown!RockBottomBeerSign

Rock Bottom Brewery is located on Fountain Square (10 Fountain Square Plaza) in Cincinnati.  513-621-1588

Visit their website or Facebook Page for more information

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  1. The Bux says

    Doc Logic-I agree with you 100%!! When I am out to dinner the last thing I want to deal with is someone elses screaming children. There is only one place children should dine and that is AT home.

    • Doc Logic says

      Well, there are perfectly acceptable places for kids such as McDonald’s (especially the sectioned off area where the slides and ball pit are), Chuck E. Cheese etc…. but please people, do not bring your kids places that are meant for adults. If they serve beer, they shouldn’t allow children.

      If it’s a place where you sit down for a meal and pay $30 or more for two persons then this is not a place for kids to be crying, wailing and running amok.

      Parents don’t discipline children anymore, they just let them treat every place as their personal playground, so in place of anything decent such as manners or logic then it should make sense for places that aren’t McDonald’s, Burger King or Chuck E. Cheese to not allow the undesirables. However, they’re afraid that they may lose a buck or two though……sigh.

      At least I’ve never had to walk out of one of Mr. Ruby’s places because of misbehaving brats and degenerate parents. However, I shouldn’t have to go to a place that the degenerates can’t afford just to have a nice meal. I like LongHorn, Chili’s,Carrabas and the local Chinese or Mexican restaurant as much as the next guy.

  2. Susan says

    Katie, I have never tried bringing the kids to Rock Bottom. Next time we’re downtown as a family, I will give it a try. Thanks for your review.

    • Doc Logic says

      Please don’t. This is not a place for children. If you want to take your children somewhere downtown, Johnny Rockets is a fine establishment. Please allow there to still be safe havens from your God awful children who are never behaved and ignored when they scream and run about the place disturbing the adults.