This contest is now closed.  Congratulations to Kasey who said “Our favorite character is Brobee and our favorite guest star is Weird All Yankovic”.  Check your in box Kasey!  You have 24 hours to respond.  Thank you to everyone who entered! 

When Yo Gabba Gabba! comes on and DJ Lance and his crew start singing and dancing, my two youngest kids are mesmerized.  When I told them Yo Gabba Gabba! is coming to town and we are going to see them, they started dancing like DJ Lance and his crew!

YO GABBA GABBA! LIVE! GET THE SILLIES OUT! TOUR is coming to Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center for the Arts-Procter & Gamble Hall Thursday January 10th 2013 for two shows at 3:00pm and 6:00pm.  Tickets are now on sale!  For a complete list of tour dates, cities and show times, and a preview of the show, visit www.yogabbagabbalive.com.  This is the first show of the 50 city tour, and you don’t want to miss it!  Read what the folks at Yo Gabba Gabba! have to say about the show:

The sillies are crazy little creatures that live inside of us and need to be shaken out! DJ Lance Rock and everyone’s favorite cast of colorful characters are calling all fans in Cincinnati to get ready to jump, shake and shimmy them out at the new live tour Yo Gabba Gabba! LIVE!: Get the Sillies Out!.

Yo Gabba Gabba! is an award-winning, live-action television series and live stage show whose unconventional formula has created a triple stacked fan base, making it one of the most popular entertainment properties among preschoolers, parents and indie music lovers alike. The television show, now in its fourth season, airs several times a day on Nick Jr.

Tickets start at $26. VIP Party packages are available as well and include a ticket in the first 15 Rows, a pass to “Get the Sillies Out” in the private VIP room featuring a super fun party with the Gabba Gang and more. Children under 1 year old do not require a paid ticket to sit on a parent’s lap.

Thanks to the Yo Gabba Gabba! folks, we have a FAMILY FOUR PACK of tickets for one lucky winner.  To enter, simply leave a comment here telling us who you’re favorite Gabba star is AND your favorite GUEST STAR from any of the television episodes.  You need both to be entered to win.  A winner will be drawn on Thursday December 27th at noon.

Good luck!

When not blogging for Family Friendly Cincinnati, you can find Michelle writing at her personal blog, I’m Living the Good Life.

Disclosure: In exchange for my time and efforts in attending shows and reporting my
opinion, as well as keeping you advised of the latest discount offers, I have been provided with complimentary tickets to see this show. Rest assured all opinions are 100% my own!



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  1. Larry S. says

    My Grandson loves Brobee and watches it everyday! He puts a smile on my face everytime he does the dance “Hold Still”. Favorite guest start would have to be Weird Al Yankovic.

  2. Krista Harmon says

    I have 3 little ones that love Yo Gabba Gabba! Plex and Brobee are their favorites! And they love Biz’s Beat of the Day!

  3. John F. says

    My son loves Moono and Brobee, but I’d have to say Brobee is his favorite. And we love to watch the episode with Mos Def as a superhero.

  4. Pat S. says

    My grandson’s favorite character is Brobee and he loves to watch the episode with Jack Black as a special guest!

  5. Jenn Owens says

    Foofa is our household favorite, as well as Biz & his beat of the day. Jack McBrayer wins for favorite guest because we just LOVE his knock-knock jokes :)

  6. David C says

    We love Biz! The only time I can legitimately beat box and not get laughed at. And our favorite guest has to be Tony Hawk!!

  7. Kelley F. says

    We love plex (I made a child sized plex for my daughter’s birthday this year!!) and Jack Black is our favorite guest star! Love YGG!

  8. Jennifer Truitt says

    My kids favorite is Plex, cause he makes the magic happen. And they like Biz Markie, cause they like to beatbox.

  9. says

    Our favorite character is Brobee. My son loves this show. I cannot wait to see his face! Our favorite guest star has to be Weird Al. We watch that episode all the time.

  10. Angel Elvin says

    Our favorite character is Foofa, and our favorite guest star is Jack Black, he’s so funny!

  11. Sasha Thomas says

    My sons favorite character is Brobee, and my whole family loves the Jack Black episode. We would love to be there as a family!

  12. Heather Ray says

    I love the episode with Jack Black…my favorite character would have to be DJ Lance..he is awesome!

  13. Melissa L says

    My twins will turn two the week of the show! We would love to take them for their birthday. Their favorites are Muno and Plex. Their favorite guest star was Nikki Flores. She taught them the very first dancey dance!

  14. Gwen Lawhorn says

    Toodie is our favorite. While Leslie Hall is a recurring character she always brings a smile around here!

  15. Kaz Saladin says

    My 3 year old daughter loves DJ Lance when and always gets excited when Biz Marjie does his bee box of the day. She goes around singing the songs all day and I find myself humming the tunes at work.

  16. Emily says

    We love Tootee. We like Jack Black riding in on his motorbike, but also like when Tony Hawk rides his skateboard for the Dancy-Dance.

  17. Angie says

    My daughter loves Brobee! And our favorite guest was Elijah Wood…we dance the Puppet Master all the time!

  18. Stephanie Brown Eversole says

    My personal favorite is Plex, and you just can’t top that Jack Black episode. It was like Tenacious D for preschoolers!

  19. Jen O says

    My 5 year old son’s favorite character is Muno. He thinks its funny that he has only 1 eye and loves when Muno’s family is on. Our favorite guest was Andy Samberg doing the Alligator Chomp.

  20. idreana coates says

    My daughter’s favorite if Foofa. And her favorite guest was Mya who guest starred for dancey dance time!

  21. Amy Schoettker says

    My son’s favorite character is Muno and guest star would probably be Jack Black b/c we watch that episode over and over and over… :)

  22. Kristen F. says

    Me and my boys favorite character is Brobee and we love to watch Jack Black and how he dressed up like DJ Lance Rock and danced, we loved his moves!!!

  23. Kristen F. says

    Me and my boys favorite character is Brobee and we love to watch Jack Black and how he dressed up like DJ Lance Rock and danced, we loved his moves!!!

  24. Amanda says

    My favorite character is Plex because that is my son’s fave. My favorite guest star has to be Jack Black :)

  25. Jen Miracle says

    Our fave is Foofa and we loved Melora Hardin (Jan from The Office!). She got to stay for Brobee’s birthday party!!!:)

  26. Brandy says

    Our favorite character is Foofa & favorite guest star was Jack Black!!! My kids LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba!!

  27. Donna C says

    WE like Toodee and loved the episode with Elijah Wood. Raise your foot, raise your other foot, now walk in a circle, do the puppet master. lol