Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant


Chuy’s Mexican Restaurant in Florence, KY

Last week I escaped my house for a few hours for a Mama’s night out and we headed to a new restaurant in Florence: Chuy’s Mexican restaurant.  Before we had even been seated at our table I had fallen in love with the place.  There was a huge crowd waiting for tables, but the wait was quite short considering the number of folks there (10-15 minutes).  The manager encouraged us to check out the bar area because it was happy hour, and along with drink specials they had a FREE nacho bar from 4-7pm (weekdays only).  The nacho bar is in the trunk of a car (see pix) and it was so yummy!  Chips, salsa, guac, taco meat, cheese and more!  Chuy’s is known for their fresh foods, and for making their meals from scratch.  You can tell when you eat their food that it’s not canned food.  You can taste the freshness & flavor of a good home-cooked tex-mex meal.   In fact, you can even watch them make your food, there is a window into the kitchen in the dining room.   I had the Steak Burrito, and it was simply out of this world.  And my friends loved their food too.  One friend had the Baja tacos and the other had the Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom Just writing about the food at Chuy’s is making me want to go back again!  And best of all, the prices were more than reasonable!  Many of the meals were under $10, so I could take the family and not break the bank!

I went with girlfriends, but throughout the meal I kept thinking that I couldn’t wait to take the whole family.  It’s most definitely a family friendly place to dine.  It is boisterous and fun.  They have several rooms full of tables for dining, and the tables are pretty close together, but I didn’t feel like it was too loud or crowded, I could hear our conversation fine despite the fact that the place was packed.  The decorations are outlandish and wild…palm trees in the middle of the dining room, and another room with hubcaps covering the ceiling.  There are also 39 little flamingos hidden throughout the restaurant for kids (or adults!) to find.  There are 39 flamingos because this is the39th location of Chuy’s to open, but it’s the only one in our area.  I was quite impressed with the staff and service at Chuy’s.  Considering they had only been open a few days they seemed to have everything under control.  The staff is awesome, helpful and friendly.

So have I convinced you that you  need to try Chuy’s yet?

Chuy’s is located at 6825 Houston Road in Florence  (859) 525-4289


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  1. kara b says

    oh and one more thing: i will definitely share this with everyone too. and thanks for doing the giveaway!

  2. kara b says

    forgot to add im folling them on fb, and family friendly bc that’s where i saw about this and now am getting subscribed for newsletters as well. have a wonderful day!

  3. kara b says

    would love to try this mexican place with my mother for christmas holiday, so let me know if I win to take her there…of course i would be taking my husband and two young children as well, but at least some meals would be covered…anyways, we love mexican dishes a lot!! so yummy tasty and fulfilling!!:) would love to try this place with my family! thanks for sharing wonderful and honest review too.

  4. Vicky says

    I liked Chuy’s, Family Friendly (and even Elvis) on FB. Even though liking Elvis wasn’t a requirement. ;-S

  5. says

    Why? Because I really want to count hubcaps, play hide ‘n seek with flamingos, and take my family out to dinner! I won’t have to cook and they’ll love it!

  6. Melissa says

    I have heard friends from all over the US talk about how much they love Chuys and was thrilled to find out that we’d be getting one. Can’t wait to see what all the excitement is about!

  7. Stacey Karlosky says

    Mexican is my favorite food! I would love to win this!! Plus I follow Family Friendly on Facebook!

  8. says

    I would love to win to have the opportunity to be convince that it’s better than my current favorite Mexican restaurant!!!!!

    I’ve heard it’s good but I want to be convinced.

  9. Pat says

    I would love to win dinner. I really enjoy Mexican food for a change of pace.. Hope you pull my name, Thank you

  10. edpaffjr says

    I’ve never been to Chuy’s and would love to try it out. I’m always looking for a good Mexican place.