FFC Bloggers’ Holiday Party at Brazee St. Studios

Last week the bloggers from Family Friendly Cincinnati gathered at Brazee Street Studios in Oakley for our holiday celebration.  We had a marvelous time there eating, drinking, laughing, and creating gorgeous glass mosaic picture frames.  I wrote about Brazee Street Studios this past summer, be sure to read my post about all the cool things they have to offer.  And keep them in mind for your party-planning in the coming months.  Brazee St. Studios is a perfect place to host a party of any sort, or a Ladies Night Out as we did, or perhaps just a get-together with your friends.  If you host parties there you can bring food & drink with you and then their awesome staff will work with you to create a work of art. 

Thank you to Brazee Street Studios for making our holiday celebration such a special evening!  Here’s a glimpse at our fun evening:

 **Music for this slideshow is from the Album Losantaville by Jake Speed & the Freddies, used with permission.  This is our family’s favorite Christmas Album!

Wander on over to www.thelittlethingsjournal.blogspot.com to see what Katie and her little things are up to this week!


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  1. Shannan says

    Great video Katie! Thanks so much for capturing the evening. I had so much fun. I am so lucky to have met you gals.