Enter the Land of Make Believe

What kid doesn’t love a great park?  When I say great, I mean awesome….many different yet connected play structures, swings, lots of room to run and stretch their legs along with their imaginations.  What parent doesn’t dread sitting on a steaming hot playground, on the hottest day in June, constantly applying and reapplying sun screen to their hot and sweaty kids?  Well, we may have a solution for you!

Family Friendly’s Katie S. recently visited Lunken Airport’s Sky Galley Restaurant on an outing with her family and spied a great, shady play area while in the area.  She invited me along one hot, summer afternoon to check it out and I’m so glad we went!

Nestled in between the golf courses and airport is the Land of Make Believe, a secure (completely fenced in) and shaded play area. It has a soft padded rubber as a play surface beneath several wonderful play structures as well as lots of grass for running and swings for all ages and sizes from toddler on up.  Admission to the play area is $1 per child (adults are free) and you can easily tell that the $1 goes towards upkeep of the play area and air conditioned building which houses a snack bar and clean restrooms (hello?  CLEAN restrooms!)  There is a small sheltered area with picnic benches as well as high backed benches nestled all around the play area where parents can sit and chat while their little ones play to their hearts content….and when I say the play area is shaded I mean fully grown and mature trees, and many of them.  They provide a canopy that almost completely covers the play area…talk about fantastic!

Our kids wore themselves out running from one end of the play area to the other, inventing all kinds of games as they went, it was a hot day but with the shade there always seemed to be a cool breeze blowing.  The kids got a kick out of watching for airplanes while we were there as well!  It was a great way to spend a hot afternoon and I know we’ll be visiting again soon!

Land of Make Believe is located at 4750 Playfield Lane.  While you are there you may want to check out the golf (which I understand is quite reasonably priced!),tennis facilities and they also have Miniature Golf for $3 per person!  Make a day of it, hit the play area, play a round of miniature golf and follow up with a visit to the Sky Galley Restaurant for lunch or dinner.  Make sure to check out Katie’s post on the Sky Galley before you go!

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You can also find Amy blogging about life with her husband and 2 wild boys at http://in-a-galaxy.blogspot.com

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for the articles on the Land of Make Believe and Sky Galley Restaurant. That was our Columbus Day outing yesterday. We had a great time. What a nice park! At the restaurant we watched a number of planes and we even got to see a helicopter land and take-off. The kids got a kick out of the old building and the nostalgia feeling. I would also mention the one room museum up on the 2nd floor in Room 26 if it is open. There was a really nice gentleman in there who you could tell loved sharing stories about airplanes and the airport. You also get a really nice view of the big yellow airplane that is inside from the second floor. There is also a very small gift shop on the first floor. The gentleman in there was very good about steering the kids towards the cheapest items.

  2. Kristin Goecke says

    I really want to visit sometime soon. Looks like so much fun. Now on to read Katie’s post about the Sky Galley.

  3. Jenny says

    Can’t wait to check out this park followed by lunch at the airport. Great suggestions for a great family outing. I love summer vacation and appreciate your Family Friendly ideas!


  1. […] And after you eat dinner or lunch at Sky Galley you can drive down the road just a bit and check out the Lunken Airport Playfield, where there is a 6.5 mile trail for running/biking/walking, an 18 hole golf course, tennis courts, a driving range and the amazing “Land of Make Believe” which Amy Q. wrote a post about. […]