Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park

For weeks now my dad has been telling me about this great little park near Sawyer Point where he goes to run, the Theodore M. Berry International Friendship Park.  He couldn’t wait to take the kids and their bikes.  And last week we decided to head down with bikes and food in tow for a fun filled evening that included bike rides, a picnic and a beautiful stroll by the river.

On our way to the park we stopped at Newport Pizza Company to pick up a pie.  Did you know they have $10 pizzas on Monday?!?  What a deal!  Shannan wrote a great post about Newport Pizza Company, so if you want to hear more about them be sure to check that out.  After we picked up the pizza we headed over to the park.  It is located on Eastern Avenue, just past Montgomery Inn (heading East).  They have a great, huge, and FREE parking lot.  We unloaded all the kids, bikes, food and drinks and headed into the park.  I have to say, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I think I was imagining just a simple path along the river, but when I got there I realized it is so much more than that!

Before exploring the park and getting our exercise, we found a space to have a picnic.  We sat on a long curvy bench that overlooked the river.  It was a lovely setting for a picnic dinner.  But the beauty didn’t stop there.  After dinner the kids hopped on their bikes and we followed along behind them.  The winding paths that take you through the park were designed to resemble a friendship bracelet, and the kids loved weaving in and out of the gorgeous gardens.  There path was relatively flat, so the kids had no trouble on their ride (Ella is new to 2-wheelers).  The park was made “as a lasting tribute to world unity and global understanding” and the gardens are full of plants representing various continents.  There are spectacular flowers in each of the gardens, but that’s not all, there are several very cool sculptures throughout the park that the kids explored with amazement.   I don’t think I can aptly describe the unique sculptures, but I added a few pix to my collage above.  You will just have to take a trip down to check them out!

This park is not large, it’s hidden away on the banks of the Ohio River on Riverside Drive in Cincinnati, but many people go there for biking, walking, roller-blading, picnicing, frisbee throwing,  jogging, and other fun activities.  I think it would be a perfect place to plop down and read a book as well.  And after visiting the International Friendship Park you can head down the path to  visit the playground under the bridge that I wrote about a few years back, Every Child’s Playground at Sawyer Point.  I’ve been looking for a new place where I can walk and the kids can safely ride their bikes without the challenge of too many big hills, and I do believe I’ve found the perfect place!  I can’t wait to go back to the International Friendship Park and walk again, and the kids can’t wait either.  You should check it out.  Where is your favorite place to walk, run, or bike around these parts?

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