Dining Out: Guru India

Dining Out: Guru India in Crescent Springs

Are you in the mood for delicious, authentic Indian cuisine at affordable prices?  I am.  Today, and pretty much every day.  My favorite place to satiate these cravings is Guru India in Crescent Springs.  Guru India is the sister restaurant of Ambar India, Baba India and Akash India. I’ve not been to Akash yet, but Baba & Ambar are just as yummy as Guru.  The restaurants are family owned and the food is prepared in clay ovens.   The dinner prices are not what I’d call “cheap”, but the portions are so generous, that you are definitely getting your money’s worth!  The lunch buffet offers a great variety of foods, and if you are new to Indian food this would be a perfect way to sample many new items at once.  The food on the lunch buffet changes every day, so you get to experience so many of their menu items during your visits.  I love the opportunity to try new items, and it’s a perfect opportunity to introduce the kids to new foods at an affordable price, and in small quantities.  I load their plates up with small portions of items on the buffet that I think they might enjoy.  The lunch buffet is $10 for adults, and under $3 for children.

My kids (and husband) can be picky eaters, but they enjoy Guru India ~ it’s a family friendly dining experience.  The restaurant is in a strip mall, and looks rather blah from the exterior, but inside it is light and airy.  It’s a very clean restaurant, and even when it’s busy it doesn’t seem too crowded or noisy because it’s rather large.  The staff is always courteous and quick to meet our needs.  And they are always quite friendly with the children.  And they are also quite helpful.  Last time I visited I was on the floor cleaning up after my toddler (I hate to leave his mess behind) and the waiter insisted I stop because he was going to vacuum the carpet.   He was so sweet about it, but I still cleaned up a bit…you know why if you’ve seen Henry eat, the boy loves food but misses his mouth on a regular basis.

My favorite dishes are the Chicken Jalfrezi and the Lamb Curry.  I’m also a huge fan of the Mixed Plate appetizer, all kinds of tasty treats all on one plate for you to try!  My friend (and co-blogger on Family Friendly Cincinnati) Amy Q. goes with me to Guru and she loves the Saag Mushroom and the Chicken Tikki Masala.  And don’t forget to order some naan to go along with your meal, you’ll need something to help devour all of the tasty sauces that come with your food.  And for all of you people living life on the edge in terms of spicy foods…you can determine the “hotness” of your dish from 1 (Mild) to 6 (Extreme Hot).   I’m kind of a wimp, and they make it nice and mild for me and my munchkins.  But Amy Q. lives on the edge and gets it with a bit of kick.   Every time I have eaten at Guru the food has been consistently delicious.  As I said, the portions are large, and they are not stingy with the amount of meat and veggies they add to the sauce.  Before Guru came to town I frequented another Indian restaurant in the area, and I was sometimes disappointed by the ingredients…the chicken was cut very small, or there weren’t enough veggies, but Guru always gets it right.

So if you are a fan of Indian Cuisine and you have not tried this place yet, I suggest you do.  Or if you have never had Indian food, then head over and have an adventure for lunch!  Try something new this week!  And when you are finished you can head to Just Crepes for a sweet treat, or if you are out on a date you can swing by KJ’s for an after dinner drink, they are both in the same complex.  Make it an outing, either for the whole family, or have a parent’s night out!  And if you aren’t in the mood to eat out, they also offer carryout services, and I have to say, unlike other restaurants that do carryout and then your food is cool by the time you get home, Guru gives you your food piping hot, so that it’s always warm when you get home.

Guru India : 2303 Buttermilk Crossing  Crescent Springs, KY  41017   859-341-5858

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