The Caring Closet of Hamilton

I was talking with my sister in law over the holiday weekend and she was telling me how she is already dreading the inevitable empty nest she’ll face when my nephew leaves for college.  Mind you this exit is two years off, but she tells me she wants to get the worry and woe out of the way early.  To that end, she’s started looking for things to occupy her time once she has more of it.

She was telling me about this heartwarming new non-profit that has begun in Hamilton  - The Caring Closet.  I could tell she was impressed by what they were doing in their community.  Inspired by her enthusiasm, I rushed home to check it out.

The Caring Closet was founded as an organization to serve the children of the Hamilton School System.  They’ve just recently launched their efforts and already are making a positive change in the community around them.

The Caring Closet’s Approach?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has…

Margaret Mead

Their mission is simple: find the children who have needs to be met and meet those needs.  They collect new and gently used clothing, pair these items with new socks, underwear and books. The boxed collection is then delivered to the school and forwarded to the family.

In this day, with such hard times being faced by so many, these folks have decided to meet the challenge hands-on and strong.  They do all of this anonymously – the child and their family never knowing the wonderful angels floating around making their lives a little easier.

If you would like to know more about The Caring Closet, please visit their Facebook page for all the details.  And of course you can go there if you want to help them out by making a donation yourself.

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