Cincinnati Pops-The Final Frontier: A night of music amongst the stars!

We got to attend the opening night of the Cincinnati Pops concert ‘The Final Frontier’ last night and it was amazing!  Not just a concert, it was also a peek at the stars through the eyes of cinema and NASA.  Narrated by Dean Regas of the Cincinnati Observatory and Stargazer’s fame, as well as the wonderful George Takei, Sulu from the original Star Trek series and an equal rights advocate, The Final Frontier took us on a journey through our exploration of the galaxy…fact AND fiction.  A large screen behind the Pops orchestra showed footage from the Hubble telescope, the Mars Rover landing, Apollo missions, and even Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon.  Some of the imagery was amazingly beautiful, and much of the history of the NASA program was new to my 10 and 7 year old kids, at least as far as actual film footage goes.  Backed up by the amazing Cincinnati Pops orchestra, conducted by the amazing John Morris Russel, the whole night was a fantastic trip through the stars!

Of course, no night of ‘stars’ would be complete without the music of Star Wars and Star Trek…and this is where my kids REALLY got excited!  Just check out some of the cool characters we got to meet before the show and during intermission:



Storm Troopers are always awesome.

darth  maul

Darth Maul. This made my youngest’s whole night out a success.


These ARE the droids we were looking for!


Jedi. ‘Nuff said.

tusken raiders

Just a family portrait with the Tusken Raiders. You know, before they go raiding and stuff.

Bottom line:  this was an amazing night of fantastic music, learning experiences, cool characters, and fun!  Both narrators were very funny and engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everything they had to share with us.  The music was phenomenal , we all really enjoyed hearing new (to us) music, and hearing a live orchestra perform music that is so familiar to us was really breathtaking.  If you want to introduce your children to a live orchestra this is definitely the concert for you.  It was a great learning experience for my kids, and kept them fully engaged through the entire show!

The Cincinnati Pops Orchestra will be performing The Final Frontier at Cincinnati Music Hall, 1241 Elm St. Cincinnati, Oh.  Tickets start at $25 for adults, children ages 6-17 get in for only $10 for all show times for this amazing event.  There are still two shows left: Saturday (today!), Sept. 21 at 8 PM and Sunday, Sept. 22 at 2 PM.  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this wonderful concert!  Visit their website,, for show and ticket information.

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